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Culver’s is welcoming customers the opportunity to join in the survey and share their experiences with them. Customers will have received an invitation printed on their purchase receipt to the survey. On completion of the survey a validation code is offered which can be redeemed for free or discounted item on that customers next purchase.

About Culvers

Culvers is an extremely popular restaurant chain that is only still very young in comparison to the other much larger restaurant chains eg McDonald’s. In saying that, the much loved chain now boasts more than 520 stores mainly located in the mid western states of the US. Coming from very humble family oriented beginnings, Culver’s has always put their customers to the forefront of their priorities. If you have recently received an invitation to let Culver’s know of your recent restaurant experience these instructions below will help you get a validation code to spend on your next Culver’s meal.

How To Win Survey Validation Code

You will need:

1. A survey invitation printed on a Culver’s recent purchase receipt.
2. A pen or pencil to write down the validation code.
3. A computer or smartphone.
4. Internet access.


1. Go to the website using your computer or smartphone.
2. Select your language; either continue with English or select Spanish.
3. Enter the 18 digit survey code printed on the store receipt.
4. Next, enter the TRN number also printed on the store receipt.
5. Click on the ‘Start’ button to begin.
6. Answer each of the survey questions honestly whether the responses you give will be good or bad. You will be required to answer each question before proceeding onto the next.
4. Once the survey questions are all answered you will see a validation code displayed on your screen. You can either screenshot the image or write the code down onto the original store receipt.

Useful links:

Culvers survey sweepstakes page:
Culvers official website:


The Culvers free validation code offer at survey can be redeemed on the participants next visit to Culvers for the offer that is printed on the receipt at time of purchase. Offers may vary from store to store at different times of the year. When you give your feedback in the survey you are providing valuable information that will be helpful in providing a better experience to Culver’s customers.

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  1. I was very happy with my purchase!

  2. Linda Nettesheim says:

    Our culver’s is fast and friendly. Also has GREAT food.

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