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Boston Pizza is giving loyal customers who complete the very short guest satisfaction survey the opportunity to win a $200 gift card. The survey will take around 5 minutes of your time and will help Boston Pizza make their pizzas better, customer service standards better and store atmosphere better as well. Giving feedback in the Boston Pizza survey is the best way to let them know what you like and don’t like about their business and how they treat their customers.

About Boston Pizza

Boston Pizza better know as BP or Bo Pi was first begun in Edmonton, Canada by Gus Agioritis. Gus was a Greek immigrant who opened the stores Boston Pizza and The Spaghetti House. Boston Pizza franchises are now spread across Canada, USA and Mexico quickly becoming a very famous Gourmet Pizza and Sports Bar company. Boston Pizza prides itself on it’s outstanding quality of delicious pizzas and beverages and wishes to hear back from it’s customers on how it’s doing.

How To Win A $200 Gift Card In The Survey

Boston Pizza Survey

You will need:

1. A computer and internet access.
2. A receipt from Boston Pizza with a survey invitation.
3. An email address that can be accessed.


1. Type into your computers web browser.
2. Select either English or Spanish as the preferred language for completing the survey.
3. Enter the survey code printed at the bottom of your store receipt into the space provided on the Boston Pizza survey page.
4. Select the date and time of your visit.
5. Indicate whether you dined in, carried out, ate in the sports bar etc.
6. Next rate your overall satisfaction regarding Bostons Pizza on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being poor and 5 being excellent.
7. Once you have completed all of the survey questions you will be asked if you would like to enter the draw to win a $200 gift card.
8. If no, close your browser now and your survey will be sent. If yes, enter your personal contact details such as your name, address, phone number and email address so that you can be contacted.

Useful links:

1. Survey page:
2. Boston Pizza website:
3. Previous Boston Pizza survey winners:


The Boston Pizza “Here To Make You Happy” survey would love to hear from you. Customers providing feedback in the survey are given the opportunity to win a $200 gift card for their time. Your personal details are only used to contact you in the case that you are a lucky winner.

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  1. Tried to send survey to win $200.00 survey but impossible to complete as wouldn,t let me enter beyond entering English / Spanish. Saw other comments Of lots of other people who Couldn,t fill out survey SO IS THERE REALLY A CHANCE TO WIN ?..l.? Or is just a farce to get email no.

  2. Can’t seem to get past the English, French unit to continue.

  3. We dine at least once week at BP. We have never been disappointed, truly a great dining experience.

  4. Cant fill out form or load survey…love BP but hate this process … makes me wonder if this survey is actually false advertising or a scam…hmmmm

  5. Kelly King says:

    Enjoyed 2 salads at Boston Pizza. We would definitely have them again. It was the fifth day of having no power or water. I tried to fill out your survey for the $200.00 gift card but it seems impossible. Ive spent too much time on it already. so here is my ACCESS CODE 77589-100000-91211 if it helps? P.S. Our waitress was awesome!

  6. Took our granddaughter to Boston Pizza at Memorial 138 last night, Oct. 24, 2016 to celebrate her 14th birthday. We would never go back. I ordered ‘make your own’ pasta and the spaghetti tasted like someone had opened up a can and dumped it on my plate. This was supposed to be a celebration but it was not. Our waitress was great and that is why I told her about it. She offered to take it back but as I didn’t want to wait while everyone else was eating, I ate it anyway. I asked her to let the kitchen know anyway. I expected that a manager would have come over to check with me but no one came. She did give my granddaughter a free dessert for her birthday but as she has a severe peanut allergy, she was not able to choose something from the menu and the kitchen had no recommendations. I tried to take the survey but that is not working. Jim, I watch you all the time on TV but I hate to say that you have dropped down in my respect.

  7. Eva White says:

    Enjoyed a lovely meal with our grandson at the Halifax #900 BP on Oct. 20/16
    Wanted to do your survey but apparently your website for this still has not been fixed. I see that it has been a problem for more than a year. Come on Jim get your technicians working on this problem please.
    Access Code: 87009-01001-00211

  8. We went to our Boston Pizza in Belleville. The waitress was very good and the individual Mediterainean pizza was excellent. I tried like many folks before to load your survey but your glitch has not been fixed. Least you could do was put up a notice. Your survey was out to lunch and not available.

  9. Sheri McNeil says:

    BP in north Red Deer, where I was served me an awesome light dinner of salt and pepper twice-baked wings and a watermelon mojito by Crystal. This was a perfect way to end a busy day…thanks to all of the staff, from the greeter (whose name I’m sorry I didn’t get) to Crystal and all of the cooks and bartender who made my visit a really great experience!
    The survey at the end of this did not open for me to comment, but my # was 28031-71000-03211

  10. Went to B.P. on June 28 th.–pasta night .
    Food was great but I am glad your webmaster was not the cook — we would still
    be waiting for the food —–


  11. Deb Hunt says:

    We had a great meal but cannot load your survey.


    Unable to open the potential $200 BP gift voucher survey.

  13. mary jenkins says:

    Can’t load the Survey. So no comment.

  14. Not able to open the survey on my computer. Went to Boston Pizza today food was great but ordered Cactus Cuts there was about five cuts for my wife and I to eat. Asked the server and was told that the kitchen was at flat. They were good what we had.

  15. Dennis Miller says:

    We were at Boston Pizza #137 Red Deer south at 3:15 02/11/16 had 3 pizza’s, 1 pepperoni, 1 tropic. chic. original & 1 royal, all 3 were light on the pizza sauce & toppings. I would not order them again, over priced for what you get the food in my opinion has gone down, you are losing out to the home delivery pizza places. The survey access code is 95751-20000-13111 which I couldn’t log in to complete the survey, so I guess you don’t get to see all the negative feed back to improve your store. The server she was good, to bad the rest wasn’t

  16. Patricia O'Mara says:

    cannot open the survey, another disappointment, is it because of the bad review?

  17. Patricia O'Mara says:

    We had a Birthday dinner for two family members at the Westmount location in Edmonton on January 31st and found the experience to be disappointing to say the least.
    First of all, our waitress was not that friendly or helpful, seemed to be distracted.
    My grandson ordered a steak sandwich, no onions, when it arrived had onions on it. He sent it back, when it came back, the steak was overcooked.
    One of the Birthday person ordered the chicken parmesan and found a hair in his salad, as I was sitting directly across from him, it ruined my dinner.
    My husband and I frequent Boston Pizza at another location and have never had a problem. I will not be going to the Westmount location ever again and am seriously contemplating going to any Boston Pizza now.

  18. Marcel Vachon says:

    how do get on the survey, what a waste

  19. Marcel Vachon says:

    can’t download survey, HELLO

  20. Connie McMillan says:

    We were there on January 26, 2016 and everything from the Service to the last crumb on our plates was absolutely perfect…..

  21. I tried to order online and was left on hold for over 10 minutes then disconnected. Called back, and the same thing occurred. I went to the nearest branch and when I got there I waited to be acknowledged and was put aside while a group of twelve came in after me. I waited at least ten minutes just to be acknowledged. During the time I was waiting for my take out order I over heard another customer say they waited over 45 minutes for a take out order of a salad and flat bread. Once receiving my order and getting home it was noticed that what I received was not what I ordered. I will never go back and rate the service as a negative and no where close to a positive number of 1 to 5.

  22. Alan Holder says:

    can not do survey as it will not load (good way not to give $200 gift card) had a GREAT PIZZA there Fri. Jan. 15.

  23. Robert Guthrie says:

    this is frustrating, I can’t download the survey.


  25. james hinves says:

    fix your bloody survey or is that your way of not giving out a coupon.

  26. Can’t access the survey.

  27. I am unable to do the survey. It would not continue after I put what language I wanted.

  28. could not do survey, would not download

  29. cannot get into the survey. you would think that after all the comments about this problem, someone from BP would have fixed this problem

  30. Her I am trying my best to access the on Line Survey but not able with all those that have already submitted their remarks.
    Good service and decor at Castle Downs location, #174,Edmonton.
    Great service from our server-W. Tegan and lets not forget Keenan who remembers us every frequent visit.

  31. Just read all the previous comments and looks like completing the survey is an issue. Will you be fixing this? Why have a survey if you don”t fix the problem?

  32. Tried to do this survey on actually two computers and it doesn’t work!

  33. wanted to do the survey but could not get it to work….enjoy Boston Pizza..great service and great food….My waitress was excellent tonight

  34. There was actually no survey to complete.
    We ate at your location in Stouffville #533. Our service was good and the price was okay for what we had.

  35. Sharon Shred says:

    The food was good. The service provided by Mike at the Oshawa location was very good. This survey was frustrating.because it was difficult to get into.

  36. Douglas Bauer says:

    Your survey did not load and by the comments on this site this is a common occurance and yet you have not fixed it. Obviously not interested in providing your patrons a chance to win a prize. Our service was good, the food just OK for the price, and the area was far too noisy in store #312 in Winnipeg.

  37. Pat Kerrigan says:

    Like everyone else, unable to download the survey.

    I love Boston Pizza and most experiences are great!

    On Oct 3, Kanata #432. Dwayne N was our server. We stopped in after a movie for dinner. As you know, the place has TV’s at every angle in the dining room. The hockey game just finished and all of a sudden, one of those horrendous ultimate fighting competitions came on. We’re trying to eat dinner and there is blood everywhere while 2 guys pounded the daylights out of each others faces. We asked our server if he would change the channel on the TV facing us. or turn it off. The dining room was not crowded, maybe 5 other couples in the place. He told us this is a big deal, sponsored by Boston Pizza and he could not change the channel.
    We were stunned. It struck me as odd, that they are “not allowed” to change the channel when the content is offensive to their diners.

    PS Hope you fix the survey link


  39. Don’t bother giving a person a contest, then not make it available to them on line. This is not good -PR- It really upsets me and my even change my mind on going to your place for pizza.

  40. would not download survey, experience at St Thomas Ont is reall bad I have given them many chances to correct them only to be ignored by the manager an no response to my on line complaints, bad service waited to long cot cold food, we will not go back to them again you would think that Jim would have staff taking time and looking into the complaints as well as it is his name at the top,I don’t think he cares either about how his franchises are doing and does not have to concern himself

  41. We went to the new BP’s in Martensville, Sk for take out food today
    Sun Oct 25
    Our order was 92.28……the spaghetti with chicken was 17.00
    it had a few pieces of chicken…and was dry…it was a container of dry noodles…no garlic toast
    the big dipper and fries…was just a sandwhich…they charged us for fries….but didnt put them in the order
    the fettucini….was dry
    I could have cooked ……..alot of dry noodles for 34.00
    next time I will stay home and do that
    they told us to pick up food in 40 min…waited for another 30 min when we got there…and drove home…(we live out of town)
    I have not been to a BP’s for a long time because of prices too high, and not that good of food….now I remember!!
    I will definetly not be going back any time soon…….
    this “new” BPs has been open for awhile now….should have lots of the “kinks” worked out?
    as soon as we put the food on the table and noticed how bad it was….and what was missing….I called the restaurant to tell them how un-impressed i was…..I was told that someone will get back to me in a few days?????……
    Nice work….Boston Pizza in Martensville Sask……
    Will not be recommending you to anyone I know

  42. Warren Maybee says:

    As you are keenly aware, your survey will not download. Given all the foregoing messages, you know of this difficulty but have chosen to do nothing about it. You should be ashamed of yourselves for your totally unprofessional performance.

  43. We were at the Boston Pizza in London ON. this evening and enjoyed our meal. Our server was Kyle C and the service was excellent. Other information is store #532; #0153 and table 62 are on the bill. The time was 18:41, 09/19/15. The Survey Access Code is 38255-91000-93111. Since we can’t get onto the survey site we hope this will qualify for the gift card draw. (or is there really a draw?)

  44. Attended Terrace BC BP on Sunday September 6th, 2015
    Your survey does not load. Very frustrating as I see from above comments you have known about this and still have not fixed it.
    Our visit was okay but services was slow and intermittent. We had to ask for coffee refills at the end of the meal because the waitress did not visit our table to find out if we needed anything once the food was delivered. The restaurant was not busy. The waitress seemed to be more interested in the patrons at the bar than those seated and ordering food.
    We have visited Boston Pizza many times over the years but have noted that the services seem to be deteriorating and we will likely not visit again.
    the number at the end of our bill was

  45. invited to do survey and it will not load up, gets just to the English and French part and won’t do anything else.

  46. We were not able to down Load your survey. We were at BP in
    Sarnia.Food was great and service was awsome. Tanya and Wade
    are the best. Great service.

  47. Marylin Seveny says:

    Sorry could not down load survey.
    Visited B.P. in Kanata with a friend for Sunday lunch,
    service was very good and the food delicious.

  48. Survey won’t load, food was cold & service was poor… won’t be going back to Fairview Heritage Ctr #120 location. Pretty bad when they offer feedback and doesn’t work!

  49. We always eat at Boston Pizza. Love the Large Medi pizza. The survey will not load. I will be calling the store tomorrow.

  50. Also, could not dowload the survey
    July 26/15 #207 Yorkton BP
    The food and service was great. Gina was our waitress

  51. Despite several attempts the survey would not download. My daughter and I ate at the Richmond, BC location. We had to wait about 15 minutes to be seated and were eventually seated at a table that was empty when we entered. The food was as expected (or as before) and the server was very helpful.

  52. Norman McEachern says:

    Great food!

  53. Norman McEachern says:

    survey will not load!!
    Emily D is a fantastic waitress. She got everything to the table just the way we wanted. The meal was great. Best one there yet.
    BP Erbsville #562
    N. J. McEachern

  54. Hello, cannot load survey form to provide feedback.

  55. Dee Dupuis says:

    We visited your location at Gasoline Alley in Red Deer July 1/2015 for the first time and i’m afraid it will be the last time. The gluten free pizza arrived looking overcooked, bordering on burnt. A discount was offered but never appeared on the bill. All in all a very disappointing evening from the food right up to the service.

  56. Rowena Reyes says:

    June 30,2015

    Good place to hang out, good food and a very goodservice.

  57. We, too, like Tanya et al, could not download the survey. However, if interested in our comments, check out TripAdvisor where we sent a nice report (overall) for lunch at one of the Regina BP restaurants on June 9/15. But, as mentioned by someone else in an earlier comment, we also found the takeout pizza toppings a bit “scarce” — quite unexpected and disappointing when you pay $31.00 for a medium-sized pizza!! What was there was very good, however.

  58. My wife and I attended the Portage Ave restaurant with two grandchildren.The grandchildren had free kids meals through hockey.Most restaurants in my experience provide bread,buns or something similar free of charge prior to the meal but in your case 5.49 for 4 breadsticks.The kids enjoyed their meals, my wife enjoyed her 10inch perogie pizza overpriced at 16.99 while my lasagna at 12.99 was flavourless and was saved only by your shaker of Parmesan cheese.We adults had no beverages and the bill for this meal prior to tip was 40.08.My feeling is that for the amt and quality of the food received the prices are excessive. The service was excellent.The server was Keanna D.Our bill number was 0352a and the restaurant Birchwood 307.As with other comments on this site,your survey form cannot be accessed.

  59. I have been trying to access the survey, but it doesn’t move past the click on English to continue. So I’ll bag here! I had the roasted beet salad, very pricey at 15.00. It had 5 bites of cold, hard beet (barely cooked at all) and 6 bites of frozen, but thawed, peaches (also not warmed, no grill marks etc. This was served on a bed of romaine with very little other variety of greens. I was very disappointed. Either the cook needs to be trained, or this item needs to be taken off the menu. oh yah, and it had firm feta on it, not the soft goat cheese that usually accompanies this salad when it’s done right!

  60. charlene Kaleta says:

    Would not open for me either.However don’t thing I have much of a chance to win as I have a complaint.
    My husband and I have eaten at your restaurant here and in Kenora many times and were always happy with the service…but last thurs day decided to treat ourselves and order a pizza to be delivered. What a disappointment. My husband tried to order a 13 inch and was told only had 15 inch. Wanted thin crust,not sure if it was, hardly any sauce or chicken on it and the mushrooms were so thin and few we weren’t sure what they were at first,and it was also not very warm. We ended up paying nearly $40.00 for something we could hardly eat.We were very disappointed as we thought we were in for a real treat.Not sure if we will order from you again. Hopefully it was a one time thing.

  61. What’s the point to invite for a survey if you do not facilitate the form to do it?

  62. Form wouldn’t open for me as well.

  63. Jane Piche says:

    Survey would not load for us. We were at the Boston Pizza on Innes Rd., Orleans, On
    on May 09/15. Had excellent service, food was delicious, We were there at lunch at 12:00 noon and received our meals pretty quickly even though they were quite busy. Had a wonderful, friendly server named Melanie J. Would have loved to be able to get into the survey to try to win that awesome $200. Boston Pizza Gift Card. We love Boston Pizza and go there quite often with a group of friends, I am the one who makes the arrangements for our group, this time my husband and I went alone for a nice lunch. Thank you. Hope you get the gliche out of your survey soon.

  64. Carrie Reimer says:

    We eat at the Brooks BP. Always treated well and food is good.

  65. George King says:

    We were in store 416 in Cobourg, Ontario and served by Brianna. On my note was the number 48614. 41000. 81211.
    The food that we receive was excellent and a good quantity, being an old guy I could not eat it all but Brianna suggested a plastic dish to take some home which we did.
    Brianna provided excellent service and was most pleasant in her approach. We will return again.

  66. Joyce Oakman says:

    we went to B.P’s in Swift Current. I had phoned for a reservation as there were 11 of us. I asked if we could have the table on the west side but was told that section was not open. I said fine. When we arrived there was no reservation and the west side had people sitting there. The service was absolutely deplorable, we had to wait a long time for our meal. The place was not full so why the long delay in getting the orders out. I ordered the Chicken Pecan Salad, my plate was 3/4 full of lettuce, a bit of chicken, some carrots & a few tomatoes and a few pecans. terrible. The waiter took everybody’s order but mine and started to walk away when a family member said he hadn’t taken my order. My family and I have gone to B.P’s a lot but we will never set foot in that restaurant again. This is the second time that my reservation was not marked down.

  67. Joanne Mayes says:

    My son and I had a wonderful experience at B.P. The service was great the food was great.
    But the survey won’t load.

  68. melchor mancego says:

    went to boston pizza in Yorkton Sk, was very disappointed at the girl that seated us. The place wasn’t busy at all, she gave us a table but I asked her if we can have the booth table since there were available., she said the area was closed, so not a big deal. but few mins after a couple customers came in and she sat them at those booth table and i noticed that there are still tables that are available where were seated. what’s up with that. service wasn’t the greatest that day, bunch of staff walking around pretending to be busy and only one girl was actually working waiting tables. it was April4/14 around 230pm.

  69. Wanted to fill out the survey, but it won’t load. Not very impressive for us who want to give you our comments regarding the service.

  70. Thomas Davey says:

    The survey never loads. The food was great, service was great. Web site for survey sucks

  71. Michel Lamoureux says:

    Can’t load your survey.
    A good way not to get feedback.

  72. good service good food but canot get into your survey we will go back for your spegety and meat balls

  73. Bill Nearing says:

    Unable to download form for survey

  74. Went to the one on walker road in windsor ontario. I really did enjoy going there but after the service my friend and i received today it will be a very long time before I ever come back. I cant believe how we were treated, and for a place I enjoyed going too.

  75. wen I went to boston pizza for a beer I receive good service

  76. Visited Boston Pizza in Pickering for dinner with our family after a dance recital which my granddaughter participated in. It was a great way to finish off a fun day & an enjoyable family visit. We have several vegetarians in the group & the menu is friendly to everyone so Boston Pizza is a popular choice for all of us. Our thanks to Shawna W., our server who was friendly & efficient . It was the perfect place to go & we will return again soon.

  77. Carolyn Cooledge says:

    I am having difficulty in filling out the survey. The form won’t load for me.

  78. Dwain Sayers says:

    on Saturday 14th 2015 I attended your restaurant at 2-5779 Turner road with my girlfriend. We were hoping for a nice dinner but were totally disappointed. We had to wait for a glass of wine and Spanish coffee 2hours and our meal wait another 30 minutes. I found this very unacceptable and poor service . Your floor manager never came to the table to apologize for such a long wait, the waitress had to deal with it and she was great trying to do her best to please us and apologize for the long wait. I understanding that this may be a very busy day for the restaurant, but to have to wait 2and a half hours for a dish of nachos and 2 dishes of dry ribs, also which we only received a dish of ribs first and wait another 30 minutes the second plate, come on, there is no excuse for 2and half hour wait, you are a high end restaurant. You need to really look at this very closely and come up with some better ideas on Valentine day. We were not the only people were waiting this long, very disappointing customer.

  79. Harry Adamson says:

    Service all around was realy good. Very enjoyable visit. As I am not very good at computers maybe make it easier for people like me to fill in this form.

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