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KFC is inviting customers who have recently enjoyed a meal at one of their store to take part in the and give their opinion on their meal, the condition of the store and the level of customer service they received. Customers who have received an invitation to take part in the survey will be given the opportunity at the end of the survey to enter the weekly sweepstakes to win $1000 cash.

About KFC

KFC is the world’s largest fried chicken fast food chain. It is also the second largest fast food outlet behind McDonalds. With thousands of stores all around the world KFC is known for it’s good food, reasonable prices and friendly service. KFC offers coupons and competition prizes throughout the year, sponsoring various international events such as the Cricket.

How To Win $1000 Cash Survey

KFC win $1000 Cash Survey

You will need:

1. A receipt from KFC.
2. To be 18 years or older.
3. A computer or smartphone.
4. Internet access.
5. An email account.


1. Go to using your computer or smartphone.
2. Enter the Survey Code and time of your visit. Then click the red START button.
3. Answer the survey questions by recalling back to your visit to a KFC store. Did you dine in or carry out? Were you served quickly? Did you receive the correct order? These are some of the questions that you may be asked. Rate your answers according to your experience.
4. Once the survey questions are completed you can enter your contact details to be in the draw to win $1000 in the weekly sweepstakes draw.

Useful links:

Survey page:
KFC official website:
KFC Survey previous winners: Click here


The KFC located at is the best way for customers to express how they felt about their recent visit and purchase at a KFC store. At the end of the survey, customers can choose to enter the sweepstakes to win a $1000 cash prize each week.

Rate Your Experience With KFC. Leave Your Comments Below

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  1. Whangarei KFC is a great store but is under staffed during that 5-8 am when it is busy with no body cleaning the tables and floor

  2. Boucher Road M&S is our regular branch to do our weekly shopping.We can be sure of good quality food, and we finish off with our coffee in their first class cafe.The staff are always very pleasant and helpful.

  3. excellent

  4. JOHN TAYLOR says:


  5. John Davidson says:

    I would like to enter the competion but i am told i cant based on the incorrect information .I have entered it correctly and double checked my receipt perhaps someone can help .

  6. Jill Burrows says:

    KFC Manurewa 29 July 16 17:29 5577290716173087. Variety Bucket VERY disappointing . Wedges soggy & overcooked. Chicken tasted like another fast food with no herbs & spices. Was a regular customer but will now be using other cheaper chicken fast food places.

  7. r singh says:

    enjoyed our meal we always get colone;s dinner friendly customer service always

  8. Typical of KFC, the does not exist. Why does this not surprise me? I was so excited to finally get an opportunity to give some feedback. So, here goes. Several occasions on arriving home, have found the order I paid for not complete. On phoning KFC, there is no answer (probably the staff are too busy), so give up. The other thing about KFC is the menu board is never complete of all the things you can order. The new one at Linwood in Christchurch appears to have an ongoing malfunction with their new menu “tv”, so I asked if they had a paper menu, but no, nothing, therefore having to guess what might be available to order. Come on KFC get your act together. I honestly would never go back if it wasn’t for the rest of my family eating your product.

  9. Kristin Hayes says:

    15.03pm Whangarei branch. Every table was dirty. Waste food and rubbish on the floor. Toilets disgusting. The chicken was ok but the rest is junk. Potatoemash has never seen potatpes and the gravy …. i dont understand how kfc can still sell this as food nowadays. Mac Donalds has reinvented itself and kfc is stuck in the disgusting food dark ages. We were shocked. We usually dont go to kfc. And after this wont go again.

  10. Margaret Barrow says:

    called to kfc roslyn, dunedin 1/2/16 at 13.10pm. i have not been to a kfc drive thru for a long time, and was unsure of the menu. the young girl on the end of the speaker was rude and abrupt and of no help, asked what drink i wanted, i said i didnt need a drink (unaware it was part of package) until i paid, my daughter said get a receipt as it seems expensive. as i was the only customer, a little of assistance would have been helpful, even a smile would not have gone astray. very unhappy experience, would not go back there. kfc was not up to usual standard either.

  11. terrena simpson says:

    5588150116191410 at 19.10pm on the 15/01/16,,,,,,, In Motueka KFC,, The south Island, NZ,, This site was no help at all,,,,, < It's a good thing Motueka KFC had better service then this site 🙁 🙁 .

  12. Robyn Churchill says:

    I work next door to KFC Highbury and the smell makes me week at the knees so gave in and ordered the popcorn chicken lunch, the chips were the best ever made in Auckland, the potato and gravy cold, and that left the signature dish, the popcorn chicken – cold, dry and very disappointing. My purchase was on 29th October at 18.59pm.

  13. Jaswantiben Malarao says:

    Great Tasty meals

  14. Anna Forman says:

    Good service and good product

  15. elizabeth dawson says:

    My code doesnt work either.
    Love Alexandra KFC. Usually have good experiences and food is usually really lovely.
    Find that when they are under pressure, (very busy on the night I was there, through the drive through) is when they seem to let themselves down. Food was OK no salt on the chips.
    this was on the 22 July 20105 6.34pm.

  16. Ann Wilson says:

    5540070715155414 7th July 15.53
    Nice friendly service as per usual. Came out feeling happy, and looking forward to my yummy tea. Many thanks. Ann

  17. Kevin Butcher says:

    I to could not get this survey site to work to win my share of the prize…. come KFC if you run a contest at least make sure your site works!!!!!!

  18. Ross McFadgen says:

    Disappointed that my “win a $100 KFC Voucher” code wouldn’t work at so I’m leaving my feedback here! Long queue at the Alexandra drive-thru but staff were quick and efficient. The server was very polite and apologised for the delay. She was very calm and professional. Our order was dealt with quickly and accurately. A couple of pieces of chicken were a bit on the dry side but overall we thoroughly enjoyed it. The crispy strips and BBQ sauce we’re delicious!

  19. Margaret MacLennan says:

    I visited the Inverness branch of M & S and was served by Mary Fraser. As I broke my ankle while on holiday this was the first time I had been shopping for a few weeks. Mary was really helpful when I had a query about a product and also helped me find another product I was looking for. She was very efficient, polite and friendly. It was a pleasure to visit the store.

  20. Mrs B Crooks says:

    Shop in this store several times a week well layed out so it doesn’t take me to long to find what I’m looking for.Staff friendly and very helpful today as always .

  21. Janice Leslie says:

    We enjoy our meal and instead of drinks we have the coleslaw which is always very nice.

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