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Huddle House is inviting customers to take part in the Guest Satisfaction Survey. The survey allows customers to give their valued feedback and receive a Huddle House coupon on completion. The Huddle house survey uses the information provided by customers to better improve their food, service and restaurants. Huddle House wants their customers to be happy and satisfied with their meals and the service given by staff.

About Huddle House

Huddle House is a popular American football theme restaurant where people go to enjoy a good meal washed down with a drink and watch that great American past time; football. Huddle House serves up delicious meals at all times of the day including breakfast, lunches and dinner meals. Do you enjoy the Big House Breakfast or the Prime Rib Tips? Maybe the Stuffed Hash Browns is more to your taste? If you enjoyed your meal at Huddle house, let them know in the survey.

How To Get A Huddle House Coupon

Huddle House Coupon Survey

You will need:

1. A computer with internet access.
2. A Huddle House receipt from a recent purchase.
3. An pen or pencil.


1. Go to the Huddle House survey page at
2. Enter the 3 digit store code printed on your survey receipt invitation.
3. Enter the date and time of your visit.
4. Answer each of the survey questions about your recent meal at Huddle House. Rate each question according to your experience.
5. When the survey questions are all complete a coupon code will be displayed.
6. Using your pen write down the coupon code on your store receipt or survey invitation.
7. Present the coupon code to the waiter on your next purchase at Huddle House.

Useful links:

Huddle House website:
Huddle House survey:


Huddle House coupons come in very handy if you enjoy eating there. The guest satisfaction survey gives participants a free coupon code at the end of the survey for the feedback given and time taken.

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  1. John Miles says:

    I really like the Large Tesco Stores I shopped at Loughborough Yesterday and saw my favourite Kerrygold butter on offer at £1 a pack, so I took a few. Recently in the Mansfield store I got a Samsung curved TV FANTASTIC. Great price every little helps

  2. CLAIRE CASTLE says:


  3. CLAIRE CASTLE says:


  4. very pleased

  5. Edith Heigham says:

    Tesco Tiptree Essex 3291

  6. Tesco always surprises me with great prices, i can almost always guarantee the items i need are on a deal when i need them. Tesco’s staff in cirencester are fantastic, they always take the time to talk to and listen to my gran who is in the early stages of dementia, it means an awful lot that the staff are patient and understanding when we are shopping together…

  7. My branch of Tesco at Sudbury Suffolk has a lovely member of staff working there called Julie Smith. last week I was in a hurry looking to purchase a baking tray, there was non on the shelves and although it was not her department, she had a look for a member of staff who worked the department and also checked out the back for further stock. She was polite, smiling and friendly! A good credit to your team!

  8. Mohammad Shabbir says:

    Today I go for shopping in tesco, everything was fine usually I go thr Monday, nd Sunday when my husband got day off, but unfortunately today the toilet was not clean, when I go thr smell was coming so I came back.

  9. Had new phone for birthday had no idea how to use called back to store and charlotte was so patient and helpful she explained everything to me she’s given me great confidence to use the phone it’s not often you find staff so helpful thank you charlotte . Newport store

  10. Gillian B Robinson says:

    I went into the Handforth Green store to buy a microwave oven but could not find the one I was looking for. I asked Matthew B. To help me and he checked the stock and told me when further deliveries were expected. I decided not to wait and took my second choice. He lifted the box down, showed me the finish, as I requested, lifted it into my trolley, took payment and took the trolley out to my car and put it in the car for me. He was so kind, patient and attentive I cannot praise him highly enough.

  11. ive been shopping at tescos for 20 years

  12. Mrs M Turner says:

    At the Taunton store the guy called Richard Gould working in the car park is most helpful, always look forward to going, not only for the shopping, but to have a joke with Richard as well.

  13. Mr A,E,Donaldson says:

    I and my freind are well over 80 years old and it was a hinderance haveing to use the very large trollys it seemed after going to the car we saw the carpark trolly store full full of what we had needed
    I did complane at reception but they were not interested
    the Tesco we shop at is MIDDLESBROUGH Eston Cleveland Extra shop
    my reciepe number ;-6513 020 1039 8081
    Tesco card number;-634004 025006911308
    Thank you

  14. Having just received coupons amongst which was one for Cushell toilet rolls packs of either 16 or 24 I carried out my weekend shopping in Seaton Tesco. The largest packs available 9s. I am sorry but I was not amused, it seems pointless to make an offer if it cannot be fulfilled.


  15. Carolyn Bentham says:

    I visited the large Tesco store in Ingleby Barwick. I couldn’t see what I was looking for and a very helpful young girl called Sam promptly went into the back store and came back with a very large box just to give me a small packet of wraps.
    Would like to say she had fantastic customer service and so helpful, a great asset to your team.

  16. I had a bad experience at your deli counter at your main Tesco supermarket in Windsor some time back, I have now got my faith back in deli counter after avoiding it for a few months, last week I went to get some pie there was a new lady on the counter a Kulwinder Sahota who was so helpful she went the extra mile for the customer unlike some in this store I am sorry to say .

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