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EAT. is inviting customers to share there suggestions and ideas in the EAT. Customer Survey. The EAT. Listens survey is the ideal way for customers to give their feedback on what they think about the quality of the food served, the cleanliness and layout of the store and the type of customer service they received.

About EAT.

EAT. has more than 100 store locations across the UK serving up fresh, delicious, high quality food and coffee all cooked on the premises at each store. EAT. is hoping to continue to provide top level food and service to customers and needs your help to do so. By telling EAT. what you think and offering ideas on how to better improve they can use the information to make your next customer experience even better than the last.

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How To Get A Coupon Code

EAT. Listens Coupon Survey

You will need:

1. A computer with internet access.
2. A recent purchase receipt from an EAT. store.
3. A pen or pencil.


1. Go to the survey website at and click ‘CONTINUE’ to agree to the cookie terms.
2. Next select the type of survey invitation you have. You have the choice of either ‘receipt only’ or ‘receipt and invitation card’.
3. Enter the Shop Number, Transaction Number, Date, Time and the amount spent in the spaces provided.
4. You will be asked to rate your experience overall at EAT.
5. Answer each of the survey questions rating them on the given scale.
6. If you would like to add extra information you may do so in the areas provided.
7. On completion of the survey questions a validation code will be displayed.
8. Write this validation code on your old store receipt or on the invitation card you received.
9. Take the code into the EAT. store on your next visit to receive the current offer.

Useful links:

Survey website:
EAT. Website:


If you have enjoyed your meal recently at EAT. or want to let them know about the delicious, warming coffee you picked up on your way to the office let EAT. know by taking part in the customer survey.

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  1. Coral cooper says:

    I only whish all the staff was as friendly and careing as the Argos staff they could show other companies a thing or to how to take care of there customers even at a bizzy time like Christmas,well done keep up the good work

  2. Kevin Dexter says:

    The shop was neat and clean. Thestadf were polite and very helpful and the service was very fast. I was very impressed with the Kettering store and I will be happy to keep using the same store. Thank you argos.

  3. Best service

  4. There was poor service.I was asked by a lovely young lady if I had a nector card but everyone else I have been too I haven’t had anything and I had to ask for protection on an electrical item it was Luke they didn’t want to surve anyone standing around chatting when people are waiting …… Not happy with the Argos in rustington Sainsbury’s …..

  5. Ellis Korn says:

    Eat in Picadilly. Good selection of food, pleasant staff. A nice Sunday for a quick bite

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